“To reach India with the love of Christ that shown on the Cross.”

Cross Ministries
We are a small mission’s ministry called Cross Ministries. I James Bhaskar Bandela. God delivered me from Hinduism. I accepted Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior in 1994 when my elder brother demon possessed in his early wedding days. And I read the bible in 1997 twice, and 1998 my younger brother died with blood cancer through him i came to serve the lord for healing ministry, then God called me to go attend the Bible college, so I went, and in 2003 entered the ministry with one person in the midst of the Hindu community.

Now we have10 mission churches in remote villages in Andhra Pradesh each church 50 members and some churches 70 to 100 members, 10 pastors are working in our mission fields in our state , and God has opened the door for us to reach the unreached districts and remote villages in our state and in Andhra Orissa Border at Adhivasi tribal people mids we have 30 + workers living for Christ. Every day, God is allowing us to meet the people who are about to perish. In 2005, I was married to Miss Prema, who is a Godly and devoted woman. In March of 2008, God blessed us with a daughter whose name is Sam Margie. In May 23 of 2012, God blessed us with a second daughter whose name is Rainy Glory.

Please pray for us to reach the unreached places in our state and nation of India with the Message of Cross (God's love) to see many souls transform and enter into His Kingdom.

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